IOTA 1.5, the Mainnet’s intermediate stage before Coordicide is complete.

Last Update
11 February 2020
Ongoing Goals

White-flag approach

In research
A simpler, conflict-ignoring approach (valid for the pre-coordicide era) that allows for faster and more efficient tip selection, eliminates certain attacks and significantly reduces the need for reattachments.


In development
Allows node software to find neighbors automatically.

Universally-random tip selection

In research
Improves the performance of the tip selection algorithm, allowing nodes to find tip transactions faster.

Milestone selection

In research
Leads to the network being able to confirm more transactions per second.

Reusable addresses

Request for comments
By adding support for a second signature scheme, the IOTA protocol will support reusable addresses.

Atomic transactions

In research
Move from the current Bundle construct and use simpler atomic transactions instead. This will reduce network overhead and maintainability of node software.

UTXO model

In research
Allows for faster and more exact conflict handling, add support for colored coins, and deals with possible scenarios of reattaching invalid transactions.

Binary transaction layout

In research
This allows us to work on binary data, for validation, IO and other processing without the need to have many binary-ternary conversions as in the current node software.