The research and development of individual Coordicide components

Last Update
18 December 2019
Ongoing Goals

Voting protocol

In research
A pro-active consensus mechanism to resolve conflicts in the post-coordicide environment. We use Fast Probabilistic Consensus and Cellular Automaton based voting protocols.

Randomized autopeering

In research
An autopeering protocol that allows for seamless and automatic peering with other randomly chosen IOTA network nodes.

Sybil protection and reputation

In research
A reputation score is assigned to each node to avoid the proliferation of counterfeit identities which could potentially harm the network.

Tip selection, validation, and filtering

In research
Tip selection and mechanisms such as signature verification, solidification, integrity, and other mechanisms needed to exclude old and invalid transactions.

Node identifiers

In research
Includes the cryptographic primitives for individual node accountability.

Rate and congestion control

In research
A two-layer protocol based on adaptive PoW to deal with spam attacks and on AIMD to deal with network congestion.

Timestamps and checkpoints

In research
Support the correct functioning of features such as snapshots and rate control.

Node bootstrapping & syncing

In research
The mechanism ensuring a new node takes the necessary steps to ensure it can discover other nodes in the network and start syncing in a secure fashion.