Coordicide alphanet

We are working on launching the first public network to showcase a set of Coordicide features. This is the future of permissionless and scalable distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Last Update
14 April 2020
Ongoing Goals

Ledger state

In development
A mechanism for keeping track of the Tangle's ledger state.


In research
Basic snapshot functionality for the GoShimmer prototype to remove the need to store the full ledger state.


In research
An initial implementation of our sybil protection mechanism. A stake mechanism required for voting, autopeering, and rate control.

Mana-based rate control

In research
A mana-based mechanism for rate control.

Tip selection

In research
Tip selection based on Uniformly-Random Tip Selection.

Initial FPC

In development
An initial implementation of FPC, without reliance on the DRNG, mana, and timestamp components.

Value transactions

In development
An interface for sending send value transactions and querying the Tangle.
Complete Goals


An updated version of the protocol that allows for seamless, automatic peering with other randomly-chosen IOTA nodes.

Data transactions

An interface for sending send data (0 value) transactions and querying the Tangle.


Network layer for sending and receiving new transactions.

Initial rate-control

An initial mechanism for rate control. This is not based on mana.