Mainnet Rust node v0.1

A minimum implementation of the Rust node software called Bee, allowing you to connect it to other neighbors on the Mainnet. Bee enables users with very limited resources to participate in the IOTA network.

Last Update
18 December 2019
Ongoing Goals

Cryptographic primitives - Sponge, Curl, and Kerl

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Implements the cryptographic hash functions called CurlP and Kerl. CurlP81 (a new type for CurlP with 81 rounds) and Kerl are the two cryptographic hash functions used by IRI v1.8.1.

Network layer

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Provides a simple and convenient way to exchange messages among neighboring nodes.

Signature scheme

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Implements the same signature schemes that guarantee authenticity in the current IOTA network as IRI v1.8.1.

Transactions and Bundles

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Implements the same definitions of transaction and bundle types as IRI v1.8.1.

Proof of Work

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Allows the node to do proof of work.


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Implements the API for interacting with and manipulating the Tangle in a type-safe manner. This mirrors the flexible semantics of a garbage-collecting language while retaining the performance and ownership models of Rust.

Gossip protocol

Allows the node to propagate transactions through the network.


Implements a mechanism that allows the network to agree on a required state or opinion.