Smart Contracts

A layer 2 protocol for decentralized, automatically-executing programs able to move digital assets and tokens.

Last Update
09 May 2022
Next release

Extended EVM & Solidity Support

In development
Native asset support and cross chain communication.

Support for Chrysalis

In development
Anchoring smart contracts in the Shimmer mainnet.
Upcoming goals

Tokenization Framework Integration

In development
Adding support for the new tokenization framework within the wasp node software.
Completed goals

Beta Release

Completed Q3 2021
Programmable smart contracts, available on the IOTA 2.0 devnet, with basic support for the Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity.

Alpha Release

Completed Q1 2021
Alpha version of the IOTA Smart contract protocol. Protocol specifications, Wasp node and first version of developer tools.